The French Drain: A Unique Landscaping Solution For Drainage

French drains are a popular landscaping solution for drainage problems today, and they have the additional benefit of adding a unique look to your yard. This type of drain is also alternatively referred to as a rock drain or a rubble drain, because the most visible part of it is usually made entirely from small rocks. Keep reading to learn more about what a french drain is and how it can be a great landscaping tool for your yard. Read More 

Pre-Spring (Yard) Cleaning: Getting Your Landscaping Ready For The Growing Season

When spring approaches, you begin to get that itch to get outside and work on your landscaping once more. You want to get your yard ready for outdoor parties, relaxing evenings watching the summer sunset, and delicious grill-outs and barbecues. However, as it is still winter (with just a hint of spring peeking around the corner), you may wonder what you can do to begin getting your yard ready for spring planting and landscaping. Read More