Learn How Trees Can Be Safely Removed From Your Property By Professionals

There are times when you will need to have trees removed from your property in order to keep your family and property safe. During a bad storm, trees can be damaged and need to be cut down so that they do not fall somewhere you do not want them to fall. When it is time to have a tree cut down, it is best to allow a professional to handle the tree removal process for you. Read More 

Four Things To Help Improve Landscape Design On Steep Elevations

If you have a home that is on elevation, such as on a hill or a mountain side, it can be difficult to get the most use out of your garden and landscaping. You may want to have things like a patio area in the backyard, water features, vegetable and flower gardens, as well as paths. Just because your home has a difficult elevation does not mean that you cannot have these things. Read More 

Cold Temperatures Damage Your Sago Palm? Why You Should Wait To Prune

If you love the look of your sago palm, you probably cringe when you hear the weatherperson say that the temperatures are about to dip below freezing. If the forecast is correct and you soon notice damage on your palm, you might think that replacing it is the only answer. If you prune the damage off, your sago will flourish once again. However, don't run out and prune it immediately because this can lead to more problems. Read More 

Create A Memorable Headstone With The Right Shapes

Some believe that life is beautiful because it ends. And, for those who like to plan ahead, taking care of your final arrangements beforehand is important. Knowing what your headstone will read is only half the battle. The following guide will help you customize your headstone by using the right shapes.  Give Shapes A Second Thought The shape of your headstone and the shape you decide to use on your headstone is relevant. Read More 

2 Important Steps To Take When Installing Sprinklers

If you have a new yard and need to install new sprinklers before adding grass, then it is important to follow the proper steps. Here are 2 steps that you need to take to make sure that your sprinklers adequately water your yard: Spacing Firstly, you need to make sure that your sprinkler installations are close enough together so that the water will overlap spots in your yard slightly when it sprays out of the sprinkler heads. Read More