5 Reasons To Call A Masonry Construction Service

Brick homes are in high demand due to their beauty and durability, but sometimes the bricks aren't in top condition. A masonry construction service can help. 1. Cracked Bricks Cracked bricks look bad, and they can lead to further issues. Not only do cracks provide an entrance for pests into your home's walls, but moisture can also seep into the cracks and lead to internal mold or water damage. A masonry service can either patch the bricks, if the damage is in a low-visibility area, or they can replace the brick with one that matches as closely as possible. Read More 

The Different Methods Used To Prepare Soil For Construction

There are a lot of things to consider before preparing a site for construction. Sometimes, the soil is an issue that needs to be addressed. You may need to use different soil stabilization techniques to prepare your site for construction. Various techniques can be used to prepare the terrain. Sometimes, these techniques are combined. The following soil stabilization information will help you get ready: Start With Erosion Control Before you can begin with the soil treatments, erosion issues need to be taken care of. Read More 

Seawall Construction Guide to Prepare Your Lakefront Property for Development and New Structures

If you own lakefront property, you may need to build seawalls before work can begin on development. Building seawalls begins with planning and goes through different phases of construction. During the construction, you will be able to choose the different features for the seawall design. The following seawall construction phases are going to prepare your lakefront property for development: Building Temporary Breaks The process of building your seawalls will begin with temporary breaks after you have final plans. Read More 

Outdoor Masonry Mortar Damage Guide

Whether it's used for patio paving, retaining walls, or low garden barriers, masonry and brick are a common sight in many landscapes. Mortared brickwork is sealed together with a cement-like mortar, which holds the bricks in more securely compared to dry-fit methods. Over time, though, the mortar can fail. Causes of Mortar Damage Age and moisture are the main things that lead to damaged, failing mortar. As the mortar ages, it can develop small hairline cracks or chips. Read More 

Sprinkler Head Types For Your New Irrigation System

If you are installing a new sprinkler system, you must choose the type of sprinkler heads to use for the system. Spray Emitters Most people are familiar with spray emitters on automatic systems. These are the type that usually pop out of the ground and send a far-reaching spray across the lawn. They are most commonly used over grass or low-growing groundcovers. Spray emitters aren't suitable for watering shrubs or trees because little if any water will make it to the soil beneath the foliage. Read More