5 Reasons To Call A Masonry Construction Service

Brick homes are in high demand due to their beauty and durability, but sometimes the bricks aren't in top condition. A masonry construction service can help.

1. Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks look bad, and they can lead to further issues. Not only do cracks provide an entrance for pests into your home's walls, but moisture can also seep into the cracks and lead to internal mold or water damage. A masonry service can either patch the bricks, if the damage is in a low-visibility area, or they can replace the brick with one that matches as closely as possible. 

2. Patchwork Appearance

One challenge with repairing older brick siding is finding bricks to match the originals. Mismatched bricks can give your home's exterior a patchwork appearance. A masonry service can replace the bricks that don't match. If matching replacements aren't available, there are other options. Your brick service can apply a veneer over the mismatched bricks, replace all of the bricks with matching bricks, or combine brick styles in a more visually pleasing manner. 

3. Crumbling Mortar

Mortar will often crumble decades before the bricks show any signs of wear. Fortunately, the old mortar can be removed and new mortar can be installed in its place. Much like cracks in a brick, damaged mortar provides a possible entrance into the home for pests and moisture. You can even choose a different color of mortar if you would like to change the appearance of your home's exterior.

4. Missing Bricks

Missing bricks are a major concern. Moisture will get in through the hole, which can cause damage to the home and lead to damage on neighboring bricks and mortar. Drafts and heat loss are another concern when one or more bricks are missing. You can't just slide a new brick into the hole. A mason needs to mortar it in place to ensure a tight seal. Further, the neighboring bricks and mortar need to be checked for any possible damage so repairs can be made.

5. Outdated Appearance

Most brickwork is timeless in appearance, but past attempts to change a home's appearance can lead to an outdated look. Painted bricks and built-in designs using different colored bricks are the main culprits. A mason can clean old paint off of bricks or install a stone veneer over the bricks to cover the ugly, old bricks. They can even replace bricks with ones that match the rest of the home's exterior. 

Contact a masonry construction service if your brick home needs repairs or updating.