5 Things That Impact The Cost Of A Tree Trimming Service Call

Tree trimming is a necessary task for a healthy yard. Several things can affect the cost of service, and knowing what they are can help you get an accurate quote.

1. Total Height

Height affects accessibility when it comes to tree trimming. Taller trees require different equipment as well as different types of trimming skills. Your service may need to bring in bucket lift trucks or use more skilled technicians that are trained in the use of climbing harnesses and similar equipment. For these reasons, taller trees generally cost more to prune compared to short trees.

2. Line Proximity

Overhead utility lines are a very good reason to bring in professional tree trimmers, as the risk of electric shock injury or death is a real concern. It requires special skills and tools to prune around power lines safely. Depending on the location of the lines and local regulations, your service may also require a permit or they may need to notify the power company prior to beginning work on the tree.

3. Hazard Mitigation

Falling branches can pose a hazard to anything below. If the trees overhang your roof, for example, the technicians can't just let branches fall. They must mitigate the hazard by cabling each branch before cutting through it so it can be lowered safely to the ground. There may also be a need to close down streets or sidewalks as they work in the event the trees are overhanging these areas. All of this is more labor-intensive, which will be reflected in the tree trimming quote.

4. Over Growth

Ideally, you have your trees pruned annually. This isn't just good for the trees, it makes the task quick and easy each year which can save you money. If trees haven't been pruned for a while and there is a lot of overgrowth, then it will require more time and effort to properly prune the trees back into a healthy form. This additional labor will come at a cost, but if you keep up with prunings in the future, you can experience savings again.

5. Cleanup

Many tree trimming services include cleanup in their quote. This includes chipping branches into mulch or hauling them to the dump, but it doesn't typically include things like stump removal. You may be able to save some of the cleanup cost by keeping the branches to use in a fireplace or fire pit, or by keeping the mulched branches for use in your own gardens. 

Contact a tree trimming service to get an accurate quote for your tree pruning needs.