How To Create A Great Looking Back Yard

Are you using these warm summer days to landscape your backyard in a brand new house or are you making changes in your existing home? Here are some things that might inspire you to create a unique and attractive backyard. Think about dividing the space into areas that will serve different purposes.

The Actual Garden - Consider combining a hardscape with grass or other ground cover, as you would be using less water.

  • Besides being great for the environment, this will save you money when your water bill arrives.
  • Designing uniquely shaped flower beds would add interest to your landscaping, especially if you combined vegetables with your flowers and other plants.
  • Consider adding a large water fountain as the focal point of your back yard. Think about surrounding it with clay pots full of assorted plants. Another decorative touch would be to hang birdhouses from the trees.

An Entertainment Area - Consider having a special space for entertaining friends and family members.

  • When you select the furniture, consider outdoor wicker, wrought iron or rustic wood. All of these choices are affordable, durable and easy to care for. Adding a swinging bench would be fun, too.
  • Consider having an outdoor kitchen. If you have the space, just copycat your indoor kitchen in the equipment you'll need. If you have a small amount of space, just purchase a grill. Even a hibachi will provide a great place for cooking.
  • Think about setting up an eating area especially created for your children or your grandchildren. A small table and chairs or a little picnic bench would be perfect.

A Play Area - Consider adding concrete to your back yard landscaping.

  • If you have the space, consider an area for basketball and where the little ones can ride their tricycles and smaller bicycles.
  • Consider designing another smaller concrete area in a unique shape. A scalloped flower shape or a star shape are two considerations. This area would be used for kids to use sidewalk chalk, to set up tic tac toe games or, if it's large enough, to play hop scotch.
  • Think about adding weatherproof shelves as part of the play area. This would be useful for storing balls, jump ropes, skates and other play equipment.

As you plan the landscaping for each of these areas, don't forget outdoor lighting. Besides adding beauty and drama to your backyard, installing outdoor lights means that your family and your guests can enjoy being outside after the sun has gone down. Enjoy planning your back yard landscaping. For more information, contact companies like Futurescapes Inc.