Interested In Getting A Compost Bin Going? 3 Ways To Maximize Your Compost Production

Growing your landscape with regular soil may end up working fine, but it is almost undeniable that you will see faster growth and healthier plants if you choose to use compost throughout the process. The main issue may be having to buy bags of compost over the years that brings an extra expense to the table. Fortunately, you can create your own compost, which starts with adding a compost bin to your yard. Then, you will want to follow tips on landscaping to maximize compost production from your landscape alone.

Maintain the Grass

An easy way to fill up part of your compost bin is to put in grass trimmings. But, you cannot expect to take everything you get from mowing the grass and throw it in the bin as this can lead to various problems. The key is to distribute grass into what you have in the bin over time to avoid a foul-smelling mess. Another thing that you will want to watch out for is adding grass clippings that have been treated with pest control. If you spray your home for pests, you should avoid using the grass directly around your home. For proper grass maintenance, you should make adjustments to the irrigation system when the climate changes.

Grow Comfrey

If there is one plant that you should consider growing on your landscape for the sole purpose of putting into your compost bin, the comfrey is an outstanding choice. It is known to activate compost, which will speed up the process in which you can use the compost and start enjoying the nutrient-rich benefits. It is an inexpensive and easy plant to grow because all you need to get it going is some root clippings.

Plant Trees

As long as you do not have evergreen trees, you are going to get leaves falling from your trees down to the ground level at some point throughout the year. This usually happens around autumn, and it is the perfect time to throw what you pick up into the compost bin to add a huge heaping to your compost mixture. If you have plans to use some of the compost for a landscaping project, you may want to shred up the leaves. This will naturally speed up the process so you can use it sooner rather than later.

Although you can put a lot of things from your kitchen into the compost bin, you will greatly benefit from constant compost production when you tailor your landscape to produce material for composting. For more information, contact Vista Landscape and Maintenance, Inc. or a similar company.