5 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Landscaping For Added Curb Appeal

When you are driving through a particular neighborhood, what is it about some homes that make them look more desirable, more well put-together than others? This is one good question to ask yourself if you are looking to make some changes to your own home to boost its curb appeal. Landscape is the key factor in making a home look its best from the point of view of onlookers. So, this is definitely where you should start if you want passersby to be impressed when your home is the one they drive past. Here are a few simple changes you can make to add curb appeal to your home with landscaping.

Remove clutter in your landscape design. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have too much to look at in your landscape. When you are standing at the road and viewing your home, can you clearly focus your attention on the different elements without feeling overwhelmed? If not, it is a good idea to scale things back a bit. Remove plants which are overcrowding a specific area and get rid of trees that are so massive they block the view of the rest of the house. 

Create a focal point in your landscape. 

Creating a focal point is one of the easiest ways to create curb appeal. You want people to have their attention drawn specifically to a certain area more so than others. The focal point of your landscape could be anything from plants to trees and shrubs, but most often is situated at the center of the exterior of the home. 

Make use of lighting to highlight the best features. 

If you have something like a waterfall or fountain, ornamental tree, or uniquely designed area, use landscape lighting to attract the eye to these areas after dark. For trees, for example, you can use uplighting spotlights which highlight the tree from the ground up. 

Add dimension with a variety plants and features. 

If your landscape is mostly flat, you have to get creative about adding dimension. Implement a retaining wall to build up certain areas, and use plants of varying heights to create the illusion that your landscape is more dimensional than the flat surface it is situated on. 

Be conservative and organized with color. 

If you have flowering plants or colorful trees in your landscape design, they should not just be thrown in here and there in no particular fashion. Color should be used as a highlighting feature when you want to boost curb appeal. So make sure colored plants are evenly distributed or situated.