Exploring Metal Cage Retaining Wall Ideas

2 Important Steps To Take When Installing Sprinklers

If you have a new yard and need to install new sprinklers before adding grass, then it is important to follow the proper steps. Here are 2 steps that you need to take to make sure that your sprinklers adequately water your yard: Spacing Firstly, you need to make sure that your sprinkler installations are close enough together so that the water will overlap spots in your yard slightly when it sprays out of the sprinkler heads. Read More 

Three Ideas To Give Your Landscape Design A Contemporary Look

There are many different things that can be done with landscape design, which can also match the design of your contemporary home. Things like floating stairs, oriental gardens, and textures with plants, ground covering, and building materials. If you want to have landscaping that matches the contemporary design of your home, here are three ideas to give your garden a contemporary look: 1. Floating Stairs and Garden Structures If you want to have steps and stairs in your garden, you may want to consider floating stair designs. Read More 

How To Line A Walkway With Cascading Bonsais

If you're in the middle of designing your landscape, you are likely looking at various methods of lining your walkway. If you're having a hard time making up your mind and if you want to help with the process, you can do something different and choose cascading bonsais to line the area. This guide explains the steps needed to compete the job and provide a unique looking walkway. Step 1: Purchase Your Supplies Read More 

4 Classic Woodworking Projects To Get You Started Working With Wood

Woodworking has been done for hundreds of years, and there are many hand tools that can still be used today to start with woodworking projects. If you want to start doing your own woodworking projects, making some basic tools and objects is a great start to this rewarding hobby. Here are four simple projects that you can do to get started with woodworking and making wonderful wooden objects: 1. Building Your Own Workbench Read More 

Turn That Unused Backyard Space Into A Garden

It's been years since you did much with the backyard and now you're considering starting a garden. With some cleanup and landscape work, you'll have plenty of space for your favorite flowers and vegetables. Get some good use from your backyard and enjoy fresh produce year round. The Big Landscaping Tasks Create as much ground space as you can by clearing out junk and yard debris. Remove dead plants, bushes and any weeds that have moved in. Read More