The Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tree Lopping Service To Remove Branches From Your Trees

There are a variety of reasons for why you should have tree branches removed, and by learning what these are you can improve the quality of your outdoor property. If you have never used a tree lopping service before then read on for why they can be advantageous:

  • Power cables: if you have tree branches that are dangerously close to the power cables, then it is a good idea to get those branches removed. This could prevent the potential disaster of the branches tearing the power cables loose, which could result in a loss of power to your home. Most frequently a power company will carry out their own tree lopping work in order to make sure that branches are not in the way. But if they haven't done that then take the initiative to do so yourself. Furthermore, you should consider removing branches that are nearby, but are not in close proximity, because in the event of strong winds those branches could be pushed towards the power cables.
  • Health hazard: loose branches can snap on windy days, and if you have children that play out in the garden then this is a health hazard. To prevent the possibility of branches falling on your head hire a tree lopping service to remove the branches that are loose. In most cases you will not need to point out the specific branches to remove. The professionals of a tree lopping service (such as those from Affordable Cuts) will have the expertise to remove the ones that most problematic. But they will still consult with you so that you have final say on which branches go.
  • Tree infection: if there are branches on your tree that are dead then they could infect the rest of your tree, and that will eventually cause the whole tree to die. It is advisable to cut off any branches that are dead so that the rest of the tree does not get infected. You can spot dead branches by keeping an eye out for an absence of leaves, and a darker color of wood than the majority of the tree.
  • Pests: if you have branches that are close to the windows of your home, then this could be leading to an insect pest problem. Instead of calling in a pest removal service, you can hire a tree lopping service instead to increase the distance between the windows of your home and the closest branch.