Lawn Fertilizers You Have Hiding Out In Your Home

It is no secret that hiring a professional landscaping service is a good way to keep your lawn looking its best. However, it is always a good idea to do your part in between professional visits. What you may not know is you can find a lot of sprayable fertilizers hiding out around the house. Here are three liquids you should look for in your home when you want to give your lawn a healthy dose of nutrients.


Cold beer may good with pizza, but it is also something your lawn will drink up and enjoy. Beer is full of malted grains and hops that will work well to give your lawn a healthy boost of nutrition. Add a beer or two to a landscape sprayer and fill it the rest of the way with water. Spray generously on your lawn where the grass is starting to lose its luster and look brown, such as in areas that get a lot of sun, and you will notice a difference in its radiance in just a few days.


The simple preferred cleaning agent you have tucked away under the kitchen sink is just what your lawn needs to grow strong and healthy. Liquid ammonia is the same thing as the powdered form of ammonia nitrates that you go out and buy at the local home improvement store. Ammonia has pertinent nitrates that will promote growth and endurance. Mix about of cup of this household cleaning agent with water in the lawn sprayer and blend them well. You can add additional ingredients to this mixture for an even bigger boost, such as a can of beer or a few drops of dish washing liquid to deter pests.


Soft drinks contain carbonation, which is what causes them to bubble and fizz when you pour a glass. You may be surprised to learn that carbonation is a good plant food. The combination of sweeteners, such as corn syrup, and carbonated water, makes the average can of soda an incredible plant food. Add one can of soda to a sprayer and dilute with warm water. Feed this to your lawn after the sun starts to sink. Keep in mind this solution serves a better purpose away from the house because the sugars in it will attract ants and other insects.

While you are waiting for landscaping services to come back for their visits, take the time to investigate some of the products you have in your home that will offer your lawn something it wants or needs to stay green and healthy. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to create nutrient-rich concoctions right out of the kitchen.