How to Use Succulents for Landscaping That Doesn’t Require an Overly Green Thumb

Have less than the greenest of green thumbs but still want to have a yard you can enjoy seeing on a daily basis? Consider creating landscapes with succulents instead of a more traditional landscape design. Succulents are hearty plants that grow with little to no outside help. Here are a few different ways you can use succulents to beautiful landscaping in your yard.

Large Succulent Flower Garden

Succulents are available in many different sizes. Line the edges of your sidewalk or create a flower garden in front of your home with a few of the larger varieties of succulents. Aeionium succulents are a form of succulents that get very large in size and visually resemble flowers. They can be placed just about anywhere you want them to be placed in your yard and do not require overly fertilized soil to flourish or ample amounts of sunlight.

Succulent Hanging Pictures

If you do not have a lot of yard space available to you, consider using the vertical space you have available. Buy a shallow wooden box and wrap chicken wire around the front of it and use a staple gun to secure it into place. Add soil to the box and then push succulents through the squares in the chicken wire. Use wood glue to glue a frame to the front of the box to create a finished look. You can now hang the picture or lean it against the wall.

Decorative Gardening

Think outside of the box when it comes to your gardening choices. You can plant succulents in unique containers to create an original look in your yard. Toolboxes, fish tanks, sinks, even old tea pots could all be used as planters for succulents. All you need to do is fill the planters with dirt and add the succulents to them. Place the planters on a surface where they will not fall over when it rains and enjoy the unique look that you created.

If you feel that you cannot plant the succulents on your own and would rather just maintain them after they have been planted, consider hiring a landscape service to handle the hard work for you. You can tell the landscaper the look you want to create and they can get the succulents, supplies, and create the look for you quickly and easily. Succulents are an inexpensive, versatile plant that allows you to express yourself through your landscaping without having to have the greenest of green thumbs.