Ask About Discounts Updating An Aging Fence To Match The Landscaping

Having an older fence replaced entirely or partially can significantly affect your home's appearance. Suppose you're interested in improving your home's curb appeal and want the fencing to fit in seamlessly. In that case, you need to see whether there are some things you can do to ensure that the age of your existing fence isn't a problem. Rather than taking care of choosing a new fence entirely on your own or rushing with any decisions, you need to see what to look for as you plan for the project. Read More 

4 Great Plants For A Low-Maintenance, Dry-Climate Landscape Design

Most people want a low-maintenance landscape. Why spend more time watering and fertilizing than you have to? If you live in a dry climate, though, designing a low-maintenance landscape means predominantly choosing plants that don't need a lot of water and can survive a long time without rain. Here are some top options that fit that description. Bearded Iris If you crave the look of bright, tall spring flowers like daffodils and tulips, bearded irises are a good dry-climate alternative. Read More 

4 Residential Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Yard

Having a healthy lawn doesn't have to take a lot of effort. In fact, it just takes a little time, knowledge, and organization. With these four residential lawn care tips, your lawn will be green and healthy all summer long. Create A Regular Lawn Care Schedule The first step to maintaining a beautiful lawn is to have a regular lawn care schedule. The frequency of the schedule will change depending on the growth rate of the grass as the season progresses. Read More 

Tips To Reduce The Need To Fertilize Your Lawn

There are many individuals that may feel torn when it comes to caring for their lawns. They may appreciate the beauty of a full lawn, but they may want to minimize the amount of fertilizer that they will have to use. For these individuals, there are some options that can help to reduce the amount of fertilizer that your lawn may need. Use Topdressing To Supplement Your Soil The process of topdressing will involve applying a very thin layer of topsoil to the surface of your lawn. Read More 

Benefits Of Regular Lawn Care Service

Healthy lawns provide a place where you can relax or hold outdoor events. However, routine lawn maintenance is essential. Here are the pros of hiring lawn care services. Weed Control Weeds are unwanted plants that may grow on your lawn. These weeds may compete with your grass for soil, water, and nutrients. Eventually, your grass may suffer nutrient deficiency and dehydration, resulting in stunted growth. Also, this may slow down the growth of your grass, leading to less dense coverage. Read More