Landscape Design Suggestions For Creating A Beautiful Yard

You've probably seen some yards that look odd with trees and plants placed randomly in the yard. There's a big difference between just placing plants anywhere and planting according to a plan that takes balance, proportions, and transitions into account.

If you want a beautiful yard, you may need to work with a landscape design professional to achieve it. Not everyone has an eye for design, so getting professional help could mean the difference between a yard that has an amateurish, haphazard look and one that is beautifully designed, yet looks natural. Here are suggestions for a successful landscape design. 

Keep Transitions In Mind

Abrupt changes in height catch the eye in an unpleasant way. It's more visually appealing to make a gradual transition from tall plants or trees to smaller ones. You can even create a trail since the eye follows straight lines and plants decreasing or increasing in size can draw you in a certain direction.

Mix Height, Color, And Width In Flower Beds

Height is also an important aspect of creating an attractive grouping of plants along a fence or in a bed. This is where knowing about plants is helpful. You need to know how tall plants are when they mature so you don't plant tall flowers in front of short ones. For a grouping of plants, it's good to plant a variety of plant types when it comes to height, leaf width, and color. Arrange them so shorter plants are in front and colors are mixed throughout.

Create Balance In The Front Yard

Designing the front yard takes special care since it's seen from the street. You want it to be as attractive as possible, and one way to do that is with balance. Using your house as the center, try to plant trees and flowers so what's on one side has something to balance it out on the other. You probably wouldn't want all the landscaping on one side and just grass on the other side.

Plan How To Care For The Plants

Plant care should be in your mind as you're choosing the plants for your yard. This is where you may benefit the most from working with a landscape design professional. Plants next to each other should need the same general care when it comes to watering and sunlight. You may only want plants you don't have to tend to every weekend. Even if you don't want to do much to take care of plants, you can still have a beautiful lawn if the right plants are chosen and you install an irrigation system that waters them automatically.

Contact a local landscaping design service to learn more.