5 Snow Removal Needs For A Gas Station

Promptly removing snow around your gas station is a requirement, as people don't necessarily stop driving and needing fuel just because there has been a major snowfall. There are specific safety concerns that also necessitate prompt snow removal.

1. Snow Mapping

A snow map details the exact layout of the exterior of the gas station, including parking lots, fueling bays, sidewalks, and additional features like tire airing stations. Your removal service should create a map before the first snowstorm of the year arrives. This map allows the service to create a removal plan that will clear all necessary exterior areas of snow without causing damage to any of them. They may also recommend installing snow marker poles in areas at risk of being camouflaged by heavy snowfall.

2. Fuel Port Clearing

The ports needed to refill the underground fuel storage tanks need to be clear and accessible at all times so they can be refilled when necessary or accessed for inspection and maintenance. Your removal service may recommend using heavy rubber mats, which are designed to cover the ports and keep ice out of their opening mechanisms. They may also install snow poles so they can easily locate the ports for targeted removal when plowing the lot.

3. Ice Removal

Ice is dangerous at a gas station, especially near the pump. A sliding car can cause a lot of damage when there is fuel involved, plus there is the risk of injury when someone is outside their car and fueling up. Your snow service can use de-icing products around pumps to encourage quick melting after the plowing is done. De-icer applications may also be recommended for the entire lot surrounding the pumps if ice is a common concern.

4. Sidewalk Service

The sidewalks and walkways connecting the gas station to the parking lot, pumps, and neighboring infrastructure should be kept clear and accessible. Not only does this limit the chances of slip and fall accidents, it also ensures your gas station remains a convenient option for your client base. Sidewalk service includes both shoveling the snow off the walks and paths, as well as laying down de-icer so surface moisture doesn't refreeze after snow removal.

5. Canopy Clearing

Most service station shade canopies, which cover the pumps, aren't created to carry a lot of weight. It's not uncommon for canopy collapses to occur after heavy snow or a severe ice storm. Your snow removal service should provide canopy clearing if a collapse is a concern for your gas station. 

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