Outdoor Masonry Mortar Damage Guide

Whether it's used for patio paving, retaining walls, or low garden barriers, masonry and brick are a common sight in many landscapes. Mortared brickwork is sealed together with a cement-like mortar, which holds the bricks in more securely compared to dry-fit methods. Over time, though, the mortar can fail. Causes of Mortar Damage Age and moisture are the main things that lead to damaged, failing mortar. As the mortar ages, it can develop small hairline cracks or chips. Read More 

Sprinkler Head Types For Your New Irrigation System

If you are installing a new sprinkler system, you must choose the type of sprinkler heads to use for the system. Spray Emitters Most people are familiar with spray emitters on automatic systems. These are the type that usually pop out of the ground and send a far-reaching spray across the lawn. They are most commonly used over grass or low-growing groundcovers. Spray emitters aren't suitable for watering shrubs or trees because little if any water will make it to the soil beneath the foliage. Read More 

Lawn Mowing Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Maintained

A well-manicured and healthy lawn will make your property look superb and actually boosts the value of your home. But in order to keep your lawn always looking trimmed and cared for, you need to mow regularly and with the right technique and process. Here are some tips to help you make your lawn look its best all season long. Mow Different Patterns A great way to toss up your regular mowing practice and benefit your lawn's health is to mow in different patterns. Read More 

3 Valid Reasons To Remove The Undesirable Trees In Your Landscape

Trees add to the beauty of your landscape. They also create a cool environment around the home and help you manage your heating bills. These are the two main reasons people buy a property that has trees around and why they plant trees around their homes. However, trees age, and regardless of the amount of care you give them, they might need to be removed at some point. Saying goodbye to a tree that has been in your yard for a while is not easy. Read More 

2 Types of Irrigation Systems

When you have a lovely yard and garden, you want to keep it looking that way. The best way to do that is to make sure that you keep everything watered. In order to do that, you need to make sure that you have a good watering system in place. There are several different ways that you can have that irrigation system. This guide describes two common irrigation systems. You can talk to a landscape company about all the options that might work for you. Read More