How To Have Broken Sprinkler Heads Repaired On Your Commercial Property

Sprinkler heads are one of the most critical components of a sprinkler system. They are responsible for delivering water to your property so you can improve the appearance of your land. However, sprinkler heads can also cause problems if installed properly or maintained regularly. 

The Importance of a Commercial Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are used by various businesses, sports stadiums, and agriculture. An irrigation system allows you to conserve water and deliver it to your plants exactly when needed. For example, watering plants early in the morning can minimize evaporation and ensure your plants have enough water in the soil to be adequately hydrated. 

Commercial irrigation systems ensure that the water is distributed throughout your property evenly. Using other methods, such as watering your property manually, can lead to some areas being watered too much or too little. This is also simply inefficient to maintain your property when focused on your core business. But to have a well-functioning irrigation system, you must ensure the sprinkler heads work.


Sprinkler heads can get clogged by dirt, debris, or mineral deposits, reducing the water flow and creating uneven watering patterns.


Sprinkler heads can leak due to cracks, wear and tear, or improper installation, which can waste water and increase your water bill.


Sprinkler heads can get misaligned by wind, animals, or human interference, which can cause overspray, runoff, or dry spots.


Sprinkler heads can get damaged by lawnmowers, vehicles, or vandalism, affecting their functionality and appearance. To avoid these issues and ensure the optimal performance of your sprinkler system, you should hire a commercial irrigation repair service.

What to Expect

When you call a commercial sprinkler repair service, they'll start by examining your broken sprinkler heads. Depending on the nature of the damage, they may be able to repair the heads on the spot. In other cases, they may need to replace the heads entirely.

One of the benefits of working with a commercial sprinkler repair service is that they have access to high-quality replacement parts. This means your new sprinkler heads will be durable and long-lasting, helping you keep your lawn watered and healthy for years. 

The Repair Process

The repair technicians will do the following:

  • Choose the right type and size of sprinkler heads for your specific needs and preferences
  • Install the sprinkler heads at the correct height, angle, and spacing to achieve optimal coverage and efficiency
  • Test the sprinkler system for leaks, pressure, and flow rate to ensure proper operation and adjust as needed

They will also provide regular maintenance to keep your sprinkler system in good condition and will repair sprinklers when necessary. Therefore, your business needs to be in contact with a reputable commercial sprinkler repair service that will arrive and repair sprinkler heads so your landscaping will not be ruined on the hottest summer days.

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