What Are The Signs That A Professional Should Remove A Tree?

Many property owners will require tree removal services at some point. Knowing when to hire a professional to remove a tree can save a lot of time, trouble, and risk. You can tell it's probably time to remove a tree in these six situations. 

Significant Lean

Even if a tree is otherwise healthy, its lean can be dangerous. Particularly with an older and larger tree, a significant lean will increase the odds that it'll fall down in a storm or just under its own weight. If the tree is likely to come down, then it's better that it comes down in a controlled fashion on a nice day. A tree removal services firm can determine the best place for the tree to land to minimize the risk to people and property.


Another reason to remove a tree is that it's diseased. Some tree diseases can spread to neighboring trees. While removing a diseased tree doesn't guarantee that the spread won't happen, it can reduce the odds. Especially if you have trees of the same species as the diseased one, removal is a good idea.

Even if a diseased tree isn't a threat to come down and is the lone member of its species on your property, you may want to fell it. Diseased trees can encourage aggressive birds and rodents to nest. Likewise, diseased trees provide bases for colonies of wood-boring inspects like carpenter ants and termites. If a colony sets up close to your house, it may decide to make the jump.

Breaks or Cracks

Large sections of trees can suffer breaks or cracks. If a crack or break is visible from a distance, there's a good chance the tree could be in bad health.

Shallow Roots

Some tree species don't put down the deepest roots. Worse, some of these species can grow surprisingly tall. Consequently, the whole tree can come down in a stiff wind because the roots just aren't up to the job.


This is both an aesthetic and practical issue. On the aesthetic side, dense tree populations can look ugly. As a practical matter, dense populations can inhibit healthy growth. Trees will struggle to get sunshine and nutrients, and this can limit their strength. It may be better to remove several trees so the others can be stronger and look better.

Fire Risk

In regions with notable fire risks, it's important to keep the tree line away from your home. Moving the tree line back may be the difference between a fire hitting your house and not.

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