Tips To Reduce The Need To Fertilize Your Lawn

There are many individuals that may feel torn when it comes to caring for their lawns. They may appreciate the beauty of a full lawn, but they may want to minimize the amount of fertilizer that they will have to use. For these individuals, there are some options that can help to reduce the amount of fertilizer that your lawn may need.

Use Topdressing To Supplement Your Soil

The process of topdressing will involve applying a very thin layer of topsoil to the surface of your lawn. Ideally, this should be done during the spring months just before the grass starts to grow for the year. This layer of soil will be thin enough to avoid preventing the grass from growing, but it will be able to supplement the nutrients that are in the soil. This will occur over time as the topsoil will slowly work its way into the ground. As a result, the grass will have access to more of the nutrients that it will need to grow vigorously during the summer months.

Mitigate And Eliminate Weeds From Your Property

Weeds can have a very disruptive impact on the appearance of your landscaping. However, weeds can also directly compete with your grass. As a result, a lawn that has a lot of weeds growing on it may result in the grass having access to significantly fewer nutrients. Making it a point to aggressively combat the growth of weeds on your property can reduce this strain on your topsoil. In addition to checking the lawn for weeds at regular intervals, you should also eliminate weeds that may be growing in other areas of your property. Otherwise, there is a strong chance that they will spread throughout the property.

Use Low Impact Watering Options

Watering your lawn is essential to keeping it healthy during times without a lot of rainfall. However, the method that you use to water the lawn can have an impact on the topsoil. More specifically, high-impact watering options can result in the topsoil being washed away. This is particularly common when individuals are using a hose to water the lawn as these devices can have fairly high water pressure. The use of sprinklers or drip irrigation systems can be a more effective option for watering the lawn as it can minimize the time that you spend doing this chore while also reducing the force of the impact of the water hitting the soil.

For more information on landscape maintenance, contact a professional near you.