Perfect Your Patio By Choosing A Custom Patio Designer

Today's patios are so much more than the standard slab of concrete adorned by metal lawn chairs and a charcoal grill. Today's patios are an extension of the home and double as personal retreat spaces, and entertainment areas complete with outdoor kitchens. Having your patio custom-designed will help you create a patio that matches your lifestyle, increases your home's value, and gives you the perfect place to hang out with friends and family.

Choosing the right spot

Patios of the past were often attached to the back of the home. Today's patios are built anywhere that is suitable in an outdoor space, but your lifestyle will ultimately determine the positioning and location of your patio. For instance, if you plan to add an outdoor kitchen to your space, you will need to have proximity to a water supply and electricity.

A patio designed exclusively as a mini-retreat space can be positioned near a secluded space in a backyard. Mini-retreat spaces may also be designed next to a garden or small pond to enhance their relaxation factor.

Split patio design

The ideal patio design is one that allows space for entertaining and rest and relaxation. Split designs are often an extension of the home and are built to curve around the back and side of the home. This allows you to decorate one area for entertaining and the area on the other side of the home as a retreat space.

Consider a cover

Covering your patio will instantly make it more useable and is a wise investment. It allows you to choose luxury styles of furniture rather than only waterproof styles. It makes your patio accessible in inclement weather, which maximizes the amount of time you can use it.

Mix materials

To enhance the interest and beauty of your patio, consider using mixed materials in construction to define areas. You could use natural wood for the flooring in a section for relaxation since wood is naturally warm and inviting. Use stone flooring for the section of your patio used for entertaining or for an outdoor kitchen to complement stainless steel appliances.

Striking the perfect balance between a patio that is suitable for rest and relaxation and one that serves as a vibrant social hub for entertaining is easy when you have your patio custom designed by a professional. Discussing your vision for your patio with your designer is all you need to do, and your designer will work to create a patio design custom suited for your unique needs. 

For more information about custom patio designs, contact a local professional.