Recommendations To Plan Your Yard’s Landscaping

In order to make your property value increase and maintain value in addition to keeping your yard looking attractive, you need to install landscaping that is going to look nice and be maintainable for your needs. Whether you are starting out with weeds and rocks in your yard or you are changing up an existing landscape design, make sure you follow some professional recommendations to make it its best. The following are some tips to help you as you plan landscaping for your yard.

Consider Sun and Shade

Before you can decide where you want to plant grass, trees, or any other landscaping, you need to evaluate your yard and how it is oriented in relation to the sun. If you live in a hot climate, for example, you may want to consider shade within your landscaping to help keep your yard and your home shaded for a cooler environment. In this type of situation, look at how you can place trees in your yard that are going to shade your yard in the afternoon when the temperatures are the hottest. Southern and southwestern placement of trees will direct shade onto your yard and your home for more cool management. You can also use trees or shrubbery to shade your home's outdoor air conditioner compressor and to help it run more efficiently and cool. 

Be sure you also consider areas of your yard that are going to receive direct sun for most of the day. Some vegetation and plants are more tolerant of direct sun and will thrive there; however, some plants will need to have more shading to keep them healthy and growing well. When you select plants and trees at a local nursery or through your landscaper, make sure you check the sun and shade needs of each plant before you choose it for planting in a particular area.

Use Hardscape Features

Along with planning where and what type of vegetation you plant in your yard, you should make some space for hardscaping in your landscape. Hardscape can add in a patio for backyard dining or a stone walkway through a rose or vegetable garden. Look for the types of hardscaping that will last longer and look nice as well, whether it is pea gravel or slate pavers. 

You can use hardscape for adding borders and edging throughout your yard's features. For example, concrete curbing will create a solid and long-lasting border around a bedding area around your home's foundation. And curbing is great for edging your lawn against the flower beds in your yard.