5 Ways Tree Care Helps The Rest Of The Landscape

Regular, quality tree care helps keep these grand elements of your landscape healthy and happy. But can it help the rest of the yard or landscape too? Yes. Here are a few of the important ways that caring for your trees means caring for everything in the yard.

1. Reduced Falling Risk.

Trees are usually the landscape's biggest falling hazards. Broken, dead, or diseased limbs which come down not only damage the tree, but also damage what they fall on. In addition, once limbs — or entire trees — have fallen, the work and equipment needed to clean it all up causes further landscape disruption. 

2. Less Disease and Pests.

Tree care involves looking for signs of disease or infestation by various pests. The tree can then be treated or pruned to get rid of the problem. Tree pests can infiltrate other woody plants and shrubs, so reducing the risks for the tree reduces the risk of transmission. 

3. Better Light and Circulation.

Many tree owners don't realize the value of pruning canopies to allow in more light and air. Dappled sunlight from healthy, curated canopies means better growing conditions for all the plants below. Both trees and smaller plants also need good air circulation to introduce oxygen to the lower areas and keep moisture from building up. 

4. More Wildlife.

While yard owners want to minimize bad pests, they also want to encourage good flora and fauna. Trees are an important part of a healthy landscape, providing homes for medium-size and small backyard wildlife that control insect and vermin populations. Flowers and leaves also help provide food, water, and pollen for helpful pollinators and insects. 

5. Fire Prevention.

Fire is an increasing risk to many homes in urban and rural areas. One of the primary points of defense against fire — both house fires and wildfires — is good tree care. Pruning the canopies to increase space between trees and reduce intermingling helps prevent flames from traveling. And a healthy tree is less susceptible to catching fire than a diseased or damaged one. 

Where to Learn More

Because a landscape is made up of many interconnected parts, taking good care of one helps all the others. Trees are no exception. If your yard could benefit from healthier and happier trees, start by meeting with a qualified tree care service in your area today. No matter what the risks the landscape faces, you can reduce them by giving attention to your beautiful trees.