Is It Mulching Time? 3 Landscape Mulch Delivery Tips You Need To Know

Mulch is among the things you need to maintain a stunning landscape. However, don't forget that the quality of mulch determines the results. So before you think about the quantity of mulch needed, you should first consider its quality. And although mulching the yard or landscape may seem easy, it's good to be prepared. Some people think they just need a shovel to spread the mulch. But you also need to identify a reputable mulch supplier and work out delivery logistics. If it's time to mulch your landscape, these three landscape mulch delivery tips will make your work much easier.

Determine the Quantity of the Mulch You Need

It would help if you first determined how much mulch your landscape requires before you even think about the delivery process or the price. Avoid getting mulch that won't be enough for the intended purpose. Of course, it's good to order or get mulch that will adequately cover the intended area to ensure you don't end up with too little or too much of it. Get the actual square footage of the landscape or area you intend to mulch. You can do it using a measuring line or tape measure. If you don't have any of these, you can use steps. This makes your work easier because you get the actual number of bags of mulch you need. If the math doesn't go well with you, use a mulch calculator.

Know When It's the Right Time to Mulch

Timing is critical, even when applying mulch. It's important to know when it's the best time to mulch it. You can either mulch it in the fall or even in spring. Where possible, you should apply mulch on your yard or landscape in the spring because it comes with several benefits. For instance, the seasonal rains experienced in this season help break down the organic matter or materials contained in the mulch. The matter gets into the soil, making it more fertile. But no matter when you mulch the landscape, make sure the ground is moist and properly thawed to ensure it's maximally utilized.

Get the Right Tools and Prepare the Ground Properly

You need to get the right tools to apply the mulch properly. Some of the tools you need include the wheelbarrow, gloves, shovel, and rake. It's actually hard to get the job done without these tools. You also need to prepare the ground before the mulch arrives. Ground preparation doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you just need to remove the sticks, dried leaves, weeds, or even the old mulch. After cleaning out the beds, ensure you water them just to add some moisture. You may also need to apply herbicides to suppress weed growth.

Reach out to a landscape mulch delivery service for more information.