Some Do’s And Don’ts For Adding Shade To Your Pool

While most people think about the warm sunshine when they think about backyard pools, shade is also an important element of a good pool structure. To help you find the right shade features for your pool, here are some valuable do's and don'ts to remember. 

Do Provide Some Shade

If you go to the pool to cool off and enjoy the summer sun, why worry about shade? First, it protects you and and your guests from harmful UV radiation, the effects of sun on sensitive skin, and irritation from chlorine and sunlight interactions. Having some shade also makes the pool more comfortable by providing some respite from the sun and helps keep the water at a comfortable temperature. This last benefit can even reduce your energy bills. 

Don't Provide Too Much Shade

When selecting shade features, err on the side of caution. You don't want the pool to be strictly in the shade, particularly during the prime time for its use. Thick shade can also cool things off too much. Make your goal to provide flexible or dappled shade, such as with trees or temporary covers, or shade that passes on a strategic schedule. 

Do Make It Storm-Proof

One of the biggest conundrums of pool owners is figuring out how to craft pool shade that isn't at risk in bad weather. Popular choices like umbrellas and sail shades are relatively easy to dismantle if the weather turns bad, but this takes time and energy. If your budget allows, consider retractable shade devices you can close at the press of a button. Another alternative is hard, permanent structures like pergolas and pavilions built to withstand heavy wind and rain.

Don't Choose Messy Options

Whatever you choose, make sure it won't contribute to pool area messes. This means avoiding deciduous trees which drop a lot of small leaves, trees with sap or fruit, and anything that could attract pests to the shade and water combination. Keep it low maintenance and pool-friendly. 

Do Consider What's Around You

If you haven't yet built the pool, look for ways to use shade options that already exist. For instance, install the pool where it will get shade at certain times of the day from established yard or neighboring trees. Can the home or other outbuildings contribute to shade from certain sun angles? What about placing rock walls in a way that lets them shade the pool themselves? Any of these choices can reduce your overall costs. 

Where to Start

Ready to learn more about using shade around your new or established pool? Start by meeting with custom pool builders in your area today.