4 Tips To Get Your Lawn In Shape This Spring

Winter can do a lot of damage to lawns, so you need to take steps when the weather warms up to get your lawn back in shape. Keep reading for four tips on how you can do this so you can enjoy a beautiful green, lush lawn all season.

Clean Up

The first thing you should do is clean up your yard. There is likely a lot of litter from things like twigs, leaves, and more. You can use a rake to clean these things up. If you have a leaf blower, however, this will work much better and faster. You should not mow until you clean up or these things will more than likely get stuck in the mower. 

Remove Weeds

There are many weeds that can survive over the winter and emerge in the spring. This is the best time to take care of weeds before they can spread over your lawn. Purchase a weed control spray that you can spray on the lawn. This will not harm the grass. Most lawn weed killers come in liquid form that you can spray over the lawn. There are also weed killers that come in granules that you spread over the lawn. It is important to keep up with weeds throughout the season and remove them as soon as you see them. 

Use Fertilizer

To give your grass a good start, you need to fertilize your lawn at the beginning of spring after your last frost. Purchase fertilizer from a garden center or home improvement store. There is granular fertilizer available which comes in small granules that you spread over your lawn. There is also liquid fertilizer that will be much easier to apply as you can attach the bottle to the end of a garden hose and spray it on your lawn. Organic fertilizer is also available, which is made of only natural ingredients and breaks down a little at a time 

Mow Your Lawn

When it comes to mowing your lawn, you should do this as soon as you see the grass is tall enough. There are mowers that have bags attached to them to pick up the grass and leaves as you mow. You can also use grass to feed your lawn, which is known as grass mulch. There are attachments that you can purchase to put under the deck of your mower that is mulching blades. These cut grass up into tiny pieces, and this turns them into nutrients. The pieces drop straight back down on the lawn to feed it.

Hire a landscape contractor to do lawn care for you if you do not have the time to do this on your own. Contact a local service, such as Topeka's Affordable Lawn Care LLC, to learn more.