Lawn Mowing Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Maintained

A well-manicured and healthy lawn will make your property look superb and actually boosts the value of your home. But in order to keep your lawn always looking trimmed and cared for, you need to mow regularly and with the right technique and process. Here are some tips to help you make your lawn look its best all season long.

Mow Different Patterns

A great way to toss up your regular mowing practice and benefit your lawn's health is to mow in different patterns. Many people follow the same exact pattern with their mower to trim their lawn's length off, but this can actually do more harm to your lawn. When you pass over the lawn in the same direction, it will train the lawn plant to lean in the same direction. Your lawn will begin to grow sideways, making it difficult to trim it accurately. 

Instead, mow in the opposite direction the next week, then mow in a circular direction going clockwise the next week, followed by a circular direction passing counter-clockwise. You can also complete a diagonal checkerboard pattern to give your lawn extra appeal.

Watch the Moisture Level

The amount of moisture that is in your lawn will affect the quality of the mow and how your lawn will react. You may already know that it is not a good idea to mow your lawn when it is wet because the lawn will clump all over your mower blades and the interior of your mower deck. However, you may not realize that the level of moisture can also cause the lawn blades to stick together and not get an even trim.

It is recommended to allow the lawn clippings to fall back into your lawn to replenish the nutrients within your lawn, and you cannot do this safely if the lawn clippings are wet. Wet lawn clippings will clump together and fall upon the lawn, causing the lawn to become smothered and die in spots. This can also cause fungus and disease to occur in your lawn.

A good rule of thumb to use when mowing your lawn is to mow in the late evening. Your lawn has had time to thoroughly dry out from the previous night's dew or overnight watering, and it will be at the perfect condition to mow. Evening mowing will also give your lawn time to rest during the upcoming evening just after you mow and your lawn won't be exposed to the heat of the day, which can cause stress.

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