Five Off-Season Tasks to Ask Your Commercial Landscaping Company About

Spring and summer isn't the only time for major landscape maintenance at your commercial property. Even in late fall and winter, your business can benefit from some landscaping services. In fact, some services are best saved for this season.

1.  Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves aren't just unattractive when they pile up around your business, they are also a hazard. Piles of leaves can smother grass and garden beds. On streets and sidewalks, they pose a sliding hazard to customers and staff, particularly if they are wet or covered in frost. Further, those leaves get tracked into your business and increase the need for frequent cleaning. Your landscaping crew can stay on top of the falling leaves so they don't bury you.

2. Flower Bed Cleanup

Flower beds may not be filled with brightly colored blooms year around, but that doesn't mean they need to look bad. Your landscaping service will remove the dead plants at the end of the growing season, while also trimming those that provide winter interest, like decorative grasses. Once everything is tidied, the service can spread fresh mulch over all the beds, which prevents winter weed encroachment and keeps your exterior looking neat.

3. Snow Management

Many landscaping services also offer winter ice removal services, at least on walkways and pedestrian areas. They will show up as soon as the snow falls to remove the hazard from all your paths and entryways, and then they will apply ice melting products to make sure there are no dangerous slick spots remaining. After winter passes, they may even provide cleanup services to power wash the salt stains from the sidewalks for spring.

4. Holiday Decorating

Jazz up your building's exterior by stringing some holiday cheer in the trees and shrubs in your business landscape. There's no need to risk untrained staff on this task. Many landscape services offer exterior holiday decorating during November and December. Further, they have the skills and tools to easily get into trees and shrubs and mount lights without injury to themselves or the plants. They will then return in January to remove everything.

5. Tree and Hedge Pruning

Late winter is the optimum time to prune your  property's trees and hedges. The trees are still dormant but they will soon burst to life. Your landscapers will cut out the dead and damaged winter wood, and then they will shape the trees and hedges so that they will welcome spring in their best form.

Contact a commercial landscape maintenance company to learn more about the services they offer in the off season.