Concrete Patio Design Options

Your new concrete driveway or patio doesn't have to be boring or bland. You have many design options, from color to texture, that can help you personalize the look to your yard.


There's no need to stick with plain gray concrete when it comes to your patio. There are several options for color. The simplest is dyed concrete. A special dye is mixed into the concrete before it is poured, giving the entire patio a fresh color. Since all the concrete is dyed, you won't have to worry about chips. Another option for permanent color is acid dying. This applied after the concrete has cured, but it can result in interesting colors that are bonded into the top layer of the concrete surface. The final option is painting the cured concrete. Concrete paints are long-lasting, but they will need to be touched up periodically.


Would you prefer a chic brick patio or a lovely stone look? If so, you can opt to have your concrete stamped to resemble exactly the material you prefer. Beyond stamping the patio to resemble stone or brick, there are also options for different designs. For example, you could have a compass rose or a sunburst stamped into the concrete, or you can have pretty border designs stamped around the edges. Combine stamping with your color options for an even more attractive or convincing look. Stamping must be completed during the initial concrete installation.


An aggregate surface consists of small stones or pebbles that are applied over the new concrete patio and permanently adhered in place. The look is similar to a gravel path if the path was covered in pretty, glossy pebbles. The finished surface of an aggregate patio is attractive and safe since the rough top of the aggregate provides traction and helps prevent slipping. You can even make designs in aggregate by using different colors of stones and having them installed in varying patterns. Unlike stamping, the aggregate can be installed with a new patio or it can be installed over an existing concrete patio pad.


If aggregate or stamping isn't the look you are going for, there are traditional concrete finishes to choose from. These finishes are typically designed put into the concrete before it cures. Brooming is done with a special broom. It puts soft lines in an unobtrusive pattern in the concrete. This is both attractive and the lines ensure traction. The installers can also make small finishing designs with the final troweling, which can result in fan-shaped swoops or similar shapes.

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