Moving Into A Fixer-Upper? Install An Irrigation System For Ideal Long-Term Results

If you are about to move into a fixer-upper, you may start to think about all the things that you can work on to make the house easier to maintain and more enjoyable to live in. When you are interested in improving the landscape early on, you may want to install an irrigation system.

Coming up with a plan to make this addition is ideal to help you enjoy the best results right away as well as over the long run after you have been living in the house for years.

Existing Plants

Although you may be moving into a fixer-upper, this does not mean that the entire landscape will need to be worked on or replaced. For instance, you may find a lot of existing plants that look healthy or maybe only need a bit of care to get them back to excellent health. One thing worth considering is how much you want to keep the existing plants throughout the landscape.

After deciding on the plants that you are interested in keeping, you can work with landscape professionals to make plans for the irrigation system to water these plants adequately.

New Growth

One of the more difficult things to organize is the new growth that you want to incorporate around the property. This is a situation in which you may want to work closely with professionals before making any final decisions because they may have several recommendations to provide. If you want to keep water costs to a minimum, a landscape professional can let you know about various plants that do not require much water, but that will still benefit from an irrigation system.

Future Features

Another factor that you will want to consider is whether you intend on adding any permanent features to the backyard. For instance, a pool will take up a great deal of space in the backyard, which means you would likely have to make major adjustments to an irrigation system. If you have any serious plans about adding certain features, you should figure out where you want them to go on the landscape and then create an irrigation system that works around these areas.

Adding an irrigation system to your landscape on a fixer-upper is a great way to save time, effort, and money. If you want to enjoy the greatest long-term results, you should consider these three important details before making any commitments to a certain irrigation setup. For more information, contact a company such as Arbor Landscape and Sprinklers today.