4 Features To Add To Your Landscape For A Nice Variety

When you look at your landscape, you may find that it lacks variety. For instance, you may have a green and healthy lawn throughout the front yard and backyard along with a few plants throughout the landscape. Fortunately, you should not have a problem changing the space when you are willing to hire professional landscape design specialists, as they can help you introduce plenty of variety.


While thinking about most landscape additions, you may want to consider the short-term and long-term upkeep required. Adding boulders is unique because you will not have to worry about much upkeep at all, except for the occasional spray down from a powerful hose. You can find boulders in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, which gives you so much control with the yard.


Whether you need to get rid of some of the grass on your landscape or you have enough empty space, you should think about putting in mulch. This is where your options are vast since you can pick from organic or inorganic mulch where either choice has several types to choose from.

For instance, you cannot go wrong with wood chips for natural mulch because of the woodsy appearance that it can bring to your landscape. If you want an inorganic mulch, you cannot go wrong with lava rock that will provide your yard with a unique look and lots of durability.

To keep it comfortable to spend time on the landscape, you may want to prioritize soft mulches for areas where you intend to walk on and hard mulches such as stones for decorative spots.


If you do not have any trees on your property, you cannot go wrong with adding one or two because they will add visual appeal in several ways. For instance, you can plant a tree in the front yard to act as one of the focal points that will look great next to your house when it matures.


To continue with adding a wide variety of features to your landscape, you should work with landscapers to incorporate water in some way. This is something that you can accomplish by going with a complex setup such as a waterfall or a simpler addition in a small pond.

When you want to make your landscape look and feel special, you will find that adding several different features is an effective way to accomplish this goal.