Importance Of Residential Mulching For Your Lawn Maintenance And Your Garden

The beauty of your lawn, to a large degree, depends on mulching care. Mulching is an essential component that reduces weed growth and maintains soil temperature. More importantly, though, is the fact that you must choose the correct mulch for your garden or lawn, since there are different types of mulch. If you sign a contract with your landscaper to take care of your lawn's mulching needs, he or she will pick the right mulch that suits your lawn and environment, too.

Defining The Importance Of Mulch

Mulch is material your landscaper places on top of the soil that insulates and enriches it. Mulch definitely controls weeds and is an attractive base when properly based around your plants. Your landscaper will see to it that your lawn is given the right mulch treatment and will also correctly apply it. Correct mulch and application ensures a reduction of the time your landscaper ultimately spends weeding the lawn.

You also benefit from the use of mulch because it reduces the time you spend watering the lawn. Mulch also protects plant roots and handily supports water retention. It wipes out plant-eating insect populations and protects your garden plants when hot temperatures rise. Mulch is a natural pest control that attracts earthworms. Earthworms are a major contributor of nutrients to soil. If you have cedar, pine, and cypress wood mulch, they will help to repel fleas, miserable gnats, and ticks.

Two Main Groups Of Mulch

There are two main groups of mulch namely organic and inorganic. Organic mulching enhances aeration, fertility, and drainage of the soil as they break down. It decomposes as time passes and is a favorite of most home owners. So, your landscaper will regularly take care of replenishing this type of mulch. When you use inorganic mulch, it makes for an eye-catching scenery of gravel around plants. Used quite often to control weeds, this type of mulch is not known to decompose promptly, but it can help to warm your landscape soil. Warming of your landscape soil benefits successful early planting in your garden.

Other Mulching Usage

Mulching is an attractive border for perennial beds and around trees or shrubs. Wood chips and pine mulch is extremely attractive especially against a backdrop of blooming and colorful flowering plants. It is essentially just a very decorative scenery for any type of landscape project, especially when it's used around plants. Remember to discuss mulching with the landscaping company you eventually choose. Learn as much as you can from this professional so that you can make a suitable and educated guess about what type of mulch is indeed the best mulch for your landscape and your garden. It's your investment for your property, and you should participate in that choice.

For more information, contact residential mulch services in your area.