Seasonal Landscaping: Exquisite Potted Trees That You Can Bring Indoors During The Winter

When it comes to temporary or seasonal landscape design, potted trees pose many benefits. First, you can move them around any time you like, which allows you to change up your landscape design whenever the urge strikes. If you ever move, you can take your beloved trees with you. You can also bring potted trees indoors during the winter months, which is great for adding that extra something special to your decor. 

Not all trees are prime candidates for pots. In order to thrive, potted trees must possess shallow roots that are easily established in very little soil. Additionally, trees that are grown in pots have to be able to withstand a broad range of temperatures. Following are several types of potted trees that you can incorporate into your outdoor landscape design or your home's interior decor. 

Evergreen Trees

Numerous types of evergreen trees along with most species of dwarf conifers are ideal for pots and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Some types of trees to think about include boxwoods, hollies, junipers and dwarf pines. You may also want to think about the Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Dwarf Camellia and English Yew. 

All of these options are hardy, slow-growing and ideal for pots. Most of them won't grow very tall, about 4 to 5 feet tall. However, some species can get quite tall even when grown in pots. For this reason, you should always research any species that you want to bring in the house each year.

Deciduous Trees

Some deciduous trees can be grown successfully indoors all winter long. Popular species include the Japanese Maple, Star Magnolia and River Birth. Remember, not all deciduous trees can be brought indoors. Some types must lie dormant in the winter so that they can grow during the summer. Bringing these trees indoors can actually stunt their growth. 

Fruit Trees

Numerous types of fruit-bearing trees can be grown in pots. You just have to make sure that you're selecting the dwarf variety of each plant. Popular fruit trees that are grown in pots include the apple, pear, peach and orange. Keep in mind that potted plants produce less fruit than those that are buried in the ground. However, they will produce edible fruit. 

As you can see, there are numerous types of indoor/outdoor trees that you can grow in pots. The decision to use potted trees in your outdoor landscape design gives you the freedom to move the largest features of your landscape at will. Potted plants can also be brought indoors so that you can enjoy them all winter long. 

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