Flood-Resistant Landscaping Solutions

If you live in an area that sees quite a bit of stormy weather in the winter months, planning out your landscaping to handle this is key. Both planting for rain and runoff and planning your yard to help redirect flooding can help you get through the winter months. Here are four flood-resistant landscaping solutions you can incorporate in your yard.

1. Redirecting Water Runoff

If a stream forms through your yard when it rains, you might feel like you are fighting a losing battle. One solution is to redirect this runoff to a more appropriate area of your property. Erosion and runoff can cause mudslides and can wreak havoc on your topsoil. If you have a driveway that pools water, it might be time to redirect rain flow higher up in your yard so this doesn't puddle. Divert water with indentations in your yard laid with stones that water can follow and bypass your garden or driveway.

2. Heavy Mulch That Retains Water

Another great way to keep all water from running down slopes in your yard and causing erosion is to have pathways made out of mulch. Mulch is super absorbent and will keep some water from rains in your yard and won't carry off topsoil along with it.

3. Plants in Areas Where Water Pools

Plants that can handle lots of water should be planted in the low parts of the yard. This will help with overall water absorption, decrease the chances of flooding, and will ensure that plants aren't damaged in the process. Native plants and trees will be your best option for plants that can absorb lots of water and not have adverse effects from over-watering.

4. Proper Drainage Systems

Drains on roofs, walls, and patios all need to be a part of your larger landscaping plan. If gutters on your home currently divert water to areas that might dump this right onto delicate plants, it is important to change up where gutters empty collected water. Drainage systems and gutters can be installed onto sheds and patio structures as well to maximize your runoff options. Anywhere where water might collect and then run into your yard can be augmented to help your yard.

While there are many factors to keep in mind while planning your landscape, making sure your yard is ready for winter should be a part of this. Landscaping services can also help offer up solutions for your unique yard situation. If your yard is equipped to handle lots of rain and can deal with runoff effectively, your landscaping will last through the season.