Making The Most Of Your Tiny Home With Well-Designed Landscaping

If you enjoy entertaining or frequently have guests, a tiny home may present challenges that cramp your social life. Consider optimizing the area outside your tiny house, to extend your living space into the great outdoors, weather permitting. You will find that you enjoy the simplicity of hanging out in your yard, on your patio, or on the roof, is even more satisfying with some simple landscaping strategies.

Optimize your tiny home's exteriors with the following landscaping suggestions:

Put it all on a patio.

Enough cannot be said about how a patio can change the way that you live. These make perfect conversation areas, safe foundations for a chimenea or fire-pit, or place to put your picnic table. If your tiny home is permanent, consider constructing an overhead above the patio to ensure year-round use and enjoyment during foul weather.

Hardscape tough terrains.

If your tiny house is in an area with poor soil, hilly terrain, or that lacks green-space, you may want to consider hardscaping the outside of your home. Hardscaping is about bringing non-living features to the landscape, which can result in a low-maintenance space that feels a lot like being indoors, only out. This includes using stone, masonry, fountains, and labyrinths to create stylish designs and functional features that don't require much care.

Experiment with xeriscaping.

Create your own scenery and ecosystem with wild native plants, grasses, or trees. Talk with landscaping professionals about native gardens that will fend for themselves, and that will bring a wild, natural element to the outside of your home.

Become one with nature.

Keep the landscaping congruent with your natural surroundings, and you will feel like your own piece of property goes on forever. Construct an overhead structure, arbor, or gazebo to create a separate living space that will make you feel at one with nature.

Develop a focal point.

Determine what the focal point of your yard will be and work from that; for instance, if your fantastic flower bed is your focal point, you can develop a landscaping theme around that. Landscapers may plant coordinating borders, privacy shrubs, or you could add a wrought-iron bistro set nearby to create a cozy nook.

Many tiny homeowners rely on their home's outside living space for entertaining, socializing, or recreation. Make the most of your tiny home's landscaping and use these ideas to create appealing, inviting spaces that will make your dwelling feel larger than the actual square footage!

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