Four Things To Help Improve Landscape Design On Steep Elevations

If you have a home that is on elevation, such as on a hill or a mountain side, it can be difficult to get the most use out of your garden and landscaping. You may want to have things like a patio area in the backyard, water features, vegetable and flower gardens, as well as paths. Just because your home has a difficult elevation does not mean that you cannot have these things. With the use of retaining walls, good drainage design and things like steps and terraced gardens; you can get everything you want in the design of your landscaping. If you want to get more out of your home with steep elevations, here are four ideas that can help you:

1. Using Retaining Walls And Pavers To Create Useable Outdoor Living Space

Retaining walls can be a great way to deal with problems with the elevations of your landscaping. If you want to have a large patio and outdoor area in your backyard, you can use retaining walls to raise the elevation and get flat areas. If you want to have the design on the top of the wall match your patio, you can cap the wall with pavers that match pavers on your patio. If you have a concrete patio, you can add a paver boarder to the patio and get the same effect. Contact professional landscapers, such as Quality Lawn & Landscape, to get this option done. 

2. Terraced Garden Designs For Flower Beds And Vegetable Gardens

Many homeowners like to have flower beds and garden to care for plants. Terraced gardens can be a great solution for this. You can even have areas like vegetable gardens completely raised higher than the surrounding elevations for a unique look. This can be done with retaining walls and backfill to give you the garden areas you want for your landscaping design.

3. Using Elevations In The Design Of Landscaping Water Features

Homes on elevations do have one advantage; the ability to create really interesting water features. You can create waterfalls over retaining walls, ponds in garden areas and many other things for your water features. The plumbing and mechanical systems for these features can also easily be hidden in elevations to make them look more natural. If you have local rock materials available, this can be a great addition to your water features to make them more attractive.

4. Installing Stairs And Paths Over Elevations Of Landscaping

With all the work that you have done to your landscaping design, you will want to be able to easily get around your yard. You can use things like landscaping stairs and paths to get to different elevations. The stairs can be gradual and combined with paths made out of pavers to make everything blend together well.

These are some things that can help you to get more out of your home with steep elevations. If you need help with the design of your landscaping, contact a landscaping contractor that does retaining walls and other landscaping structures to get more out of your landscaping design.