Three Ideas To Give Your Landscape Design A Contemporary Look

There are many different things that can be done with landscape design, which can also match the design of your contemporary home. Things like floating stairs, oriental gardens, and textures with plants, ground covering, and building materials. If you want to have landscaping that matches the contemporary design of your home, here are three ideas to give your garden a contemporary look:

1. Floating Stairs and Garden Structures

If you want to have steps and stairs in your garden, you may want to consider floating stair designs. These can be done with a variety of materials including, rock, classic, and tropical wood. A common way of achieving this look is to use large rocks that extend out from a steep slope or retaining walls. This design works best to have something vertical to mount the steps on to give the illusion of stairs floating.

You can also make floating stairs by making a footing beneath the steps to have them mounted on. This mount can also be done with wood timbers bolted to class stair stringers, which will give the stairs an appearance of being suspended in mid-air. Your steps can also be combined with things like water features for an interesting look and the feeling of walking on water.

2. Oriental Gardens Blending Into Contemporary Design

Oriental gardens are also a great addition to contemporary design of landscaping. These gardens combine materials like rocks and wood with live plants that allow you to blend nature into your design.  If you want an oriental garden to give you a place to relax and meditate, you may want to consider a recessed design. This design can place your garden away from other active areas of your home, and separate it from things like pool and entertaining areas in your garden.

3. Blending In Materials Used Indoors and Outdoors

There are also ways that you can blend materials that you use inside and outside of your home. If you use glass and wood inside your home, you may want to extend this theme to the outdoors. You can do this with things like privacy screens that are similar to the design inside of your home. Tropical wood materials are also great materials to use to blend the design and have a contrast between synthetic and natural materials. You can use tropical wood for flooring inside of your home, as well as for some of the structural features in your landscape design.

These are some ideas to help you give your landscaping design a contemporary look. If you need help with the design and construction of landscaping around your home, contact Heritage Lawn & Landscape to get the perfect design to match your home.