Create A Memorable Headstone With The Right Shapes

Some believe that life is beautiful because it ends. And, for those who like to plan ahead, taking care of your final arrangements beforehand is important. Knowing what your headstone will read is only half the battle. The following guide will help you customize your headstone by using the right shapes. 

Give Shapes A Second Thought

The shape of your headstone and the shape you decide to use on your headstone is relevant. Certain shapes can reflect different characteristics about your personality. The following are three basic shapes and what they might say about you:

  • Abstract shapes

The first shapes to consider are the abstract shapes. Abstract shapes are usually symbolic of a greater idea like religion. Keep in mind that combining curves with your abstract shape will make you appear softer to the eye and more feminine. That means you should look into symbols with curves if you want people to associate femininity with you. Remember that femininity also reflects peace, tranquility, rhythm, generosity and happiness.

Go for sharper edges without curves if you want to give off a masculine feeling to those who see the symbol. Remember that sharper edges give off a sense of energy and youthfulness as well.

  • Geometric shapes

The next set of shapes to pay attention to are geometric shapes, like rectangles or circles. These are particularly important because your headstone usually relies on simple shapes. As mentioned above, curved shapes give off a sense of femininity and straight lines give off a sense of masculinity. The straight lines on rectangles and squares also give off a sense of order. So choose a headstone with straight lines if you want to appear firm, serious or simply well-grounded. 

Curves, on the other hand, let people know that you are a whimsical person who doesn't fit the mold too easily. Curves are attention-grabbers, so consider a circle or curved headstones if you want to catch people's attention. 

  • Organic shapes

Organic shapes, like those that resemble rocks, leaves or even doves are symbolic and thematic. You want to use organic shapes within your headstone to let your loved ones know that you were in touch with your environment or religious beliefs (similar to abstract shapes). Organic shapes are usually associated with self-reflection and spirituality in general. 

As you can see, creating the right headstone is more than just words. Talk to your headstone specialist about other tweaks that you can add to your headstone to personalize it even further.