4 Bamboo Removal And Control Methods

Bamboo is a type of grass that can seem much more like a tree. It can spread like a weed through your landscaping and become quite invasive if not removed. There are a few options for removal.

1. Mechanical Removal

Mechanical removal is the most labor-intensive method, but it can also be the most effective. Digging up the rhizomes and any roots ensures the bamboo doesn't grow back. Mechanical removal tends to work best with clumping bamboo varieties, as they don't send out running roots so they don't spread as far. Running bamboos spread out much further, which can make them more of a challenge to control. Mechanical removal is often used in conjunction with other control methods when running bamboo is the problem.

2. Chemical Treatment

Bamboo can be difficult to attack with herbicides. This is because of the waxy coating on bamboo culms. This coating protects against herbicide absorption, so a professional will typically apply a broad spectrum or non-selective herbicide to both the culm and the soil. Bamboo herbicides may also be formulated so that they are better able to soak into the waxy plant. Chemical treatment is often the preferred method for removing running bamboo varieties. 

3. Barrier Methods

Full removal is not always the desired outcome. If you want to keep some of the bamboo on your property, perhaps trained to grow as a privacy screen, then a barrier method may be the best option. A deep barrier trench is dug against the outermost desired edge of the bamboo clump. It can be kept to a simple wide trench, that is too deep and wide for the bamboo rhizomes to spread across, or a solid root barrier can be installed in the trench. The roots won't be able to penetrate the barrier. Any bamboo outside of the barrier must be eradicated via mechanical or chemical means.

4. Mowing Control

Mowing can be an effective method, but it must be done frequently and consistently. Mowing or cutting down bamboo only works when the culms are young and just emerging, as they are difficult to cut down once mature. Mowing is most often used on small groups of clumping bamboo. It can also be done to control any survivors after mechanical or chemical removal. The bamboo must be cut down regularly until it no longer grows back, which can take a few years. 

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